Heart Mind Projects

The following projects operate under the Heart Mind Foundation further our deeper aim of synthesizing contemplative wisdom with contemporary culture & technology.


Buddhist geeks

Launched in 2007, the Buddhist Geeks Podcast became an instant digital age classic.  10s of millions of downloads of the podcast later, several years of annual conferences, coverage by dozens of media outlets, Buddhist Geeks has held the ongoing question as to what Dharma looks like in the age of the network.  This inquiry continues as a regular podcast, with hundreds of archive episodes dating back over 10 years.


heart of insight

Heart of Insight is a a Buddhist-Mindfulness Based Learning Community located in the beautiful & ancient mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.  Heart of Insight began in 2017 and is run by several local teachers + the community itself.  Heart of Insight i currently focused on local offerings and retreats in the Asheville area.